In a constantly evolving threat landscape where attackers are utilizing increasingly complex techniques and tactics, the Enterprise under attack needs a company like Famsoft to augment its in-house Cyber Defense team and strengthen the controls in place to improve on its security posture and minimize Cyber Risk to the company's mission.

Cyber Security

Famsoft provides Cybersecurity services that are focused on protecting the Enterprise by helping in Incident Detection and Prevention, Compliance and Vulnerability Management, and building a state of the art Cyber Program.

Our Cybersecurity Services include:

SOC Security Monitoring

Famsoft SOC center in Fremont is equipped with state of the art tools and our information security team monitors and analyzes your security situation on a continuous basis. Our SOC team monitors your internal and external environment to zoom in on vulnerabilities and take steps to close those gaps.

Our managed monitoring service helps an organization detect and respond to cyber attacks that can range from common attacks to complex campaigns being conducted by sophisticated adversaries. Our team can provide self-contained monitoring service or it can help your team mature its capabilities to monitor your enterprise by utilizing Network and Host based sensors and controls. We can also help you deploy state of the art Incident prevention capabilities to ensure that your Enterprise is exposed to the least amount of cyber risk.

Security Monitoring includes:

  • Network Monitoring
  • Host Monitoring
  • Access Monitoring
  • Email Monitoring
  • Web Monitoring
  • High Value Asset Protection
  • Information Security Continuous Monitoring (NIST based)

Risk and Compliance Assessment

Risk and Compliance Assessment provides the IT risk and compliance metrics you need to effectively manage the risk in your environment. While most organizations appreciate the importance of ensuring that data is treated with confidentiality, integrity and prescribed availability, IT security and compliance is one of the most challenging organizational disciplines to understand, implement and maintain.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

With our mature vulnerability identification and management approach, we can help organizations gain a means to identify, prioritize, remediate, monitor and report on vulnerabilities across its enterprise. You can use our Vulnerability Management Service or utilize our professional services to develop capabilities to continuously monitor your environment. Our resources have proven experience in helping Federal Government Agencies develop their Vulnerability Management and Monitoring capabilities that meet the requirements levied by DHS under the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program.

Threat Management includes:

  • Threat Management System (active campaigns and APT management)
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
  • Network Vulnerability Scanning
  • Application (Web & DB) Vulnerability Scanning
  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • Threat Detection & Prevention Controls.
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Anti-Phishing Controls, Email Proxy
  • Authentication (2 Factor Authentication) & VPN
  • Trusted Internet Connections (TIC)
  • Asset Management
  • Identity Management

Why Famsoft?

  • Well equipped SOC
  • Years of Security Experience
  • Developer of Core Framework for a Major Appliance Manufacturer
  • Resources have Top Secret Clearance
  • Large Pool of Resources that Understand Security Inside Out
  • Reliable Partner
  • Extremely Cost Effective
  • Proven Track Record
  • Strong Business & Engineering Talent
  • Strong Commitment to Security
  • Certified Security Personnel
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Prompt Incident Response
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