What our students are saying about Famsoft's training ....

"I have completed both the Oracle DBA and UNIX System Admin tracks at Famsoft. I found the instructors to be very helpful and knowledgeable. The training is very much hands-on with students on their own work stations to learn and practice Oracle and UNIX. I feel I learned more about UNIX and Oracle in 3 months at Famsoft that I would have learned in a year of college studies. I would highly recommend Famsoft to anyone who wants to improve computer skills or start a new career in computers." Stuart, Student

"I find Famsoft and its instructors to be very helpful, competent and industry professionals. They understand how to teach and how to motivate their students. I highly recommend Famsoft based on their knowledge, experience and willingness to help their students succeed." Albert, Student

"Far superior to "total immersion" short courses, the Oracle DBA class provides extended hands-on experience and problem-solving." David, Student

"The training and support I received from Famsoft have improved my skills base. I am now a more confident and effective candidate for an IT Director position. It's good to have Famsoft on my team as I reorient my career path." Catherine, Student

"First, let me give you my background. I come from a finance/accounting background with little knowledge of IT. As a casualty of the dot com boom, I wanted to explore my career options and attended a presentation by Famsoft. The personnel at Famsoft provided great insight and I immediately signed up as one of the original students. Famsoft provides the instruction and facilities to obtain a real understanding of IT. With the proper attitude and motivation, having a marketable skill set in a short period of time is very achievable. For the individual looking for a career transition or upgrade of IT skills, I highly recommend Famsoft." Steve, Student

"The training program is tailored to the educational needs and learning styles of individual student. Famsoft is where you can learn to be an excellent UNIX Administrator or Oracle DBA no matter how little you know about these two fields at the beginning." Ya, Student