Cross-Platform Migration

Famsoft's cross-platform migration is designed to facilitate migration of mission critical databases from one operating system to another. Our migration services are designed to accomplish the following:

  • Migrate large database from one operating system to another in a very short period of time
  • Facilitate the collection of processes and procedures for converting the data in the source database to the same release (or a newer release to avoid another costly upgrade for the customer) on the destination database server independent of the platform
  • Install applications on the destination server and configure it to connect to the migrated database

Migration Project Phases

Famsoft’s proven and successful migration methodology involve the following phases:

Phases Description
Migration Assessment and Analysis This is the initial phase wherein our team conducts detailed assessment of the client’s existing infrastructure, understands the technical and business requirements, conducts client interviews to understand the target environment requirements, create the requirements document and have it signed-off by the customer.
Plan and Strategize At the end of the assessment phase, we provide a migration project plan detailing the tasks involved, the resources required, and the time involved. An instance strategy document is also created to help understand the number of instances required and their timeline for the successful completion of the project. Based on the client requirements, we work with the hardware team to design the infrastructure and setup the systems. We install the database software and create the databases needed to support the project requirements and timeline.
Test and Document We conduct at least three (3) mock migrations followed by user testing to ensure that the migrated data is correct and complete. There are three (3) levels of testing namely Unit testing, QA testing and User Acceptance testing (UAT) that Famsoft team recommends as part of the database migration project.
Production Cutover and Support After the successful completion of the UAT, Famsoft team delivers a cutover plan, performs the production migration on a 24x7 timeline, and resolves all issues encountered during the migration. Once the production databases are migrated, Famsoft provides onsite/remote assistance for a month. However, if there is a need to monitor and manage various database environments after one month of initial support, Famsoft’s managed support provides pro-active, remote monitoring and management support for the target systems, databases and applications.

Success Stories

Famsoft has successfully completed several projects involving cross-platform database migration. The following are some of the clients that we have worked:

Viking Range engaged IBM Advanced Business Partner Famsoft to consolidate its numerous Sun Microsystems servers onto IBM Power 750 Express servers with separate logical partitions (LPARs) running the IBM AIX 6 operating system. The business partner provided remote operation to help the client migrate its Oracle applications and database to the new Power Systems platform. With POWER7 processor technology, the new Power Systems servers deliver increased processing power and speed to manage the client's workloads.

“Famsoft was selected by Netflix to migrate key Oracle databases and applications from Sun Solaris to IBM's AIX operating system. Famsoft was selected for this project because of their proven experience in migrating cross- platform, mission-critical Oracle databases in a relatively short period of time. The database migration project was a complete success. All critical databases supporting Netflix's business applications were migrated without any issues. Famsoft's data migration methodology and their proprietary software for migration and validation of data were the key elements for a successful migration of business application databases including Netflix's web site and Oracle 11i applications." - VP Information Technology

Success Factors, a world leader in providing an affordable, integrated, and on-demand performance and talent management suite for companies of all sizes, runs its enterprise applications comprising of Oracle applications and home-grown custom applications on Sun servers running Solaris 2.9 operating system. The backend database is Oracle 10g. Success Factors have experienced phenomenal growth in the last few years and realized that the existing Sun servers do not have the computing power with the existing Sun servers to sustain their ongoing business activities. Their computing requirement is to double the capacity of their Sun servers to handle the Q4 demand. Famsoft has successfully completed the Assessment and Recommendation for the customer. Famsoft has also carried out the proof of concept.

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